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We Sleep Again

by dream system 8

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try to understand it’s the people who we are not right together but wrong to be apart forcing a smile is it time to let it go ? try moving forward try to be alone this history  rewritten once again you never worry  'cause you know you’re in the end try to believe  this heart is only bruised then wake and realize that i know i’m going to lose all of you this here is a life that was wasted all on you all that i’ve given you never even knew together were we lost  but i thought you were the one  journey has ended or only just begun ? listen to the life you knew calling back for something new again you know i really wanted you the thought that i could say "i do” is no more
time is a line moving forward and it don’t stop we won’t know when our time is up i want to spend each day feeling grateful it’s all happening right now is this really the life that i’m leading ? its not the way that i thought it would be what if i said that i want to start over would i feel less alone then would i feel less alone ? the days go by feeling same on the inside as i did all those years ago but i'm not young anymore life is too fast its all happening right now do all those things i've been wanting to do say all those words i've been holding onto between me and you
I painted you in night and traced a road for you to roam desolate and bare I drew you far away from home In the darkened wilderness, when you’re alone you always find a way to touch the sun and color the ocean waves color the stars that shine color with blue and green and life color the world with you color the the sky above color with silver, red and love portrait of a friendship I don't recognize your face the figure on the canvas dead and gone without a trace
Dedication 05:00
how can i explain all the ways you make me feel safe you break my fall to the ground when i make mistakes and challenge me to be the best that i can be it meant so much when you said you were proud of me and i don’t know what’s next but i believe in the best i feel you with me every day and no disease can take that away fond memories swerving fast down the road squealing in delight you pushed me to do the things that scared me i remember you giving me word problems to solve when i was right, it felt so good my daddy smiled at me you’ve made my life amazing i thank you for being you your live will live inside me eternally
You Are 04:07
i went alone to where one place forgets another i walked the tracks the sky and stars would come no closer you are the shine you are the rain you are the days i can begin you are the shine you are the rain because of you i sleep again falling down against it all you catch me just in time i see the lights of all the trains but you’re where i ought to be you went alone to where one place forgets another you walked the tracks the sky and stars would come no closer i didn’t know i was missing all of you falling down, keep falling down again
Little Ghost 03:21
see the sunlight drench your hair it marked another freckled memory were you ever even there ? found a perfume scented scarf by the tree moving in the light, a ghost in the chair wanting to be set free sleep when the darkness falls a dream of love  that will follow you and when the summer calls the sky above all that’s left of you and the evening silence grows  (can you see ? can you feel when i visit in the night ?) dry the water drops of all your sayings were you ever even there ? (can you see ? can you feel can you learn to be alone ?) the whispers in bed were the windows
Help Me See 03:21
help me see through the fog where my heart and mind meet how do you feel about the time we’ve been spending lately i just want to know if you’re excited about us do you want to spend the time getting to know me ? i’m starting think we’re feeling differently it’s time for us to talk about what we’ve been doing help me see that there’s love out there waiting for me i will stand proud knowing the best is yet to come we’ve been so physical but are we more than that ? sometimes i’m invisible is it you or is it me ?
i think of you in the future i think of who you will be i think about you and me will we understand all the reasons that make us see who we are ? will you understand that you’re my shining star and i’d do anything for you ‘cause i love you each day you bring more joy to the world my darling angel and i feel so blessed you are everything i could have hoped for you are everything and so much more you are everything, you are the one i adore my baby girl you are perfect and you are growing up so very fast my baby girl life with you is a blast


released February 23, 2018

Instruments Used:

Roland Jupiter 4
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland Juno 60
Roland SH-2
Roland D550
Korg Mono/Poly
Crumar Performer
Korg Delta
Yamaha CS-15
Yamaha CS70m
Omnichord System 100
Casio - VL-1
Roland CS-5000 Compurhythm
Korg Rhythm 55-B
LinnDrum LM-2

Performed by Dream System 8:
David Klotz - Synthesizers, Vocals
Erica Elektra - Vocals, Synthesizers

Recorded by David Klotz
Mixed by Chris Colley
Mastered by Mark Chalecki

Band Photograph: Polly Antonia Barrowman
Design by Peter Green

Songs 1,3,5,6,11
Written by David Klotz
Published by Boo Boo Too Music (BMI)

Songs 2,4,7,10,12
Written by Erica Elektra
Published by Echo Park Hearts (BMI)

Song 8
Written by David Klotz and Katie Ford
Published by Boo Boo Two Music (BMI)

Song 9
Written by David Klotz and Erica Elektra
Published by Boo Boo Two Music (BMI) and Echo Park Hearts (BMI)

p & c 2018 galaxy beat media, inc. under license to minty fresh


all rights reserved



dream system 8 Los Angeles, California

“Touches on a nostalgic, shared love for ‘80s synth pop that evokes a dreamlike wonder.” – Billboard

“Jam packed with vintage synth tones that meld together into a straightforward pop track. While synthesizers form the core of Dream System 8’s unique electronic pop sound, the song is elevated to a higher plane by its ethereal female vocals.” – mxdwn.com
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